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Macroeconomic and Policy Analysis Unit

MPAU is the center of research within the Ministry. The unit undertakes cutting-edge research in Economics particularly the economic structure of the Gambia.

One of the primary functions is to offer technical and policy advice to  the Permanent Secretary and Minister of Finance and Economic Affairs on Macroeconomic issues. It also serves as the contact point between the Ministry and the International Monetary Fund, The World Bank Group, European Union, and The West African Monetary Institute in assessing the economic situation of the country. In addition, the unit is seriously monitoring the Gambia’s preparation in meeting the criteria for the upcoming Monetary Union- West Africa Monetary Zone (WAMZ).


With the present global economic crisis and its impact on the Gambian economy, MPAU is playing a crucial role in the monitoring of the macroeconomic fundamentals of the country. Consequently, Gross Domestic Product (GDP), Consumer Price Index (CPI), Government Financial Performance, Domestic debt and Tresury Bills Yields, Money Supply and Bank Credits, Foreign Exchange Reserves, remittance, Foreign Direct Investment, and Exchange Rates are closely looked at and how these variables change overtime. Econometric models are currently utilized to forecast key economic variables and monitoring of the macro economy. As a result, the unit works closely with other government institutions such as the Central Bank and Policy Analysis Unit in the formation and evaluation of policies.

Recently, the unit embarked on writing monthly and quarterly economic bulletins. These reports give a general overview of the status of the economy and the general performance. The unit also advises the Permanent Secretary in matters relating to investment and private sector initiatives and development of the investment promotion mission. The unit monitors the fiscal targets and the implications of policy decision and the timely analysis of data with specific reference to macroeconomic and fiscal policies. It also takes a closer look in revenue collection and setting of quarterly revenue targets to major revenue collecting Departments. In addition the unit engages in revenue forecasting, analysis, administration, policy directive, and responsible for new revenue measures.

In MPAU, we work closely with the Gambia Revenue Authority and also liase with various departments: the Parastatals, Central Bank, and all other ministries. The unit is also responsible for pricing and monitoring of oil prices. Hence the unit is responsible for the oil industry and all oil related matters including data collection on volumes of imports. It reports on oil updates and liaises with the oil companies on issues that affect their operations and make recommendations to the minister as to what policy decisions he  or she may make.



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