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Debt Management


The Medium Term Debt Strategy (MTDS) covering the period 2015 - 2017.

Click on here to download Gambia's MTDS (2015-2017).



Click here to download Final 2014 Public debt bulletin.

The Medium Term Debt Strategy (MTDS) covering the period 2011 - 2014.

The Medium Term Debt Strategy (MTDS) covering the period 2011 - 2014, intends to secure Government’s financing requirement, with the least cost possible within an acceptable limit of risk, in order to maintain a robust economic Development and meet the requirement of the Gambia’s Priority Action Programmes (PAP) of the Programme for Accelerated Growth and Employment (PAGE).  This MTDS builds up on the gains of the previous medium term debt strategy (2010-2012) and learnt lessons from the challenges experienced therein.

Click here to download Final 2013 Public debt bulletin.

Click on here to download Gambia's MTDS (2011-2014).

Click here to read the Annual Public Debt Report, 2009.
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Click here to read the Medium-Term Debt Strategy (MTDS) 2010-2012.
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The Directorate of Debt Management (DLDM) is the main unit in the Ministry of Finance (MoF) responsible for debt management. It deals with all aspects of public debt management (both domestic and external) including designing a national public debt strategy, conducting debt sustainability analyses, participation in loan negotiations, approving disbursements, effecting payments of government public debt, maintaining a comprehensive, loan-by-loan database on government and government-guaranteed external debt and on external grants to the government in CS-DRMS, coordinating with the Central Bank of The Gambia regarding the issuance of domestic debt instruments for fiscal purposes. DDM analyzes proposed guarantees and on-lending terms, participate in the issuance of guarantees and the on-lending loan agreements and monitor the government guaranteed and on-lent loans.

This Directorate is the Government’s main channel of communication with the external creditors and donors with responsibility for interacting with the IMF and World Bank on debt sustainability analyses (DSAs) and debt strategy formulation and implementation.

DLDM serves as the Secretariat to the Aid and Debt Management Coordinating Committee (ADMCC) and coordinates all interaction of the different agencies with respect to debt strategy formulation and implementation.


  • Debt Strategy Formulation and Implementation
  • Prepare reports on The Gambia’s external and domestic debt portfolio.
  • Prepare short, medium, and long-term projections on disbursed and outstanding   public sector debt.
  • Conduct debt sustainability analyses, in coordination with other relevant institutions/departments for debt strategy formulation.
  • Prepare  quarterly and annual debt management reports  on the status of the debt  strategy implementation
  • Co-ordinate the integration of debt management into overall macroeconomic and social sectors management.
  • Conduct sensitivity analysis on effects and implications of different debt- restructuring and new borrowing assumptions.
  • Review new borrowing terms in accordance with borrowing parameters ceilings, including as necessary grant element, grace and maturity periods, interest rates, and fees.
  • Propose and monitor the implementation of guidelines for issuance of guarantees and on-lending agreements.
  • Assess the fiscal impact of domestic debt and design a domestic debt strategy in order to guarantee a non inflationary growth in the economy.

ii)      Debt Recording, Analysis, and Reporting

  • Maintain a comprehensive register of all grants and public and publicly guaranteed debt for The Gambia.
  • When feasible, track and monitor private sector external debt.  Maintain a well kept computerized system of relevant debt data in order to provide timely, complete, accurate, and consistent debt reports for management and other users of national debt statistics.
  • Generate statistical reports for operational, analytical, managerial, and policy purposes.
  • Keep a comprehensive register of guarantees and on-lending agreements.
  • Comprehensive and regular debt portfolio reviews, including risks, loan structure, etc.
  • Conduct quarterly and annual reviews of the undisbursed loan pipeline with recommendations for addressing any problems/bottlenecks.
  • Periodic review of latest international developments in debt management and aid flows and implications for The Gambia.
  • Conduct annual reviews of the domestic debt stock and impact analysis.
  • Preparation of quarterly review of external debt.
  • Preparation of annual analysis for Budget.
  • Evaluating latest debt relief proposals, aid flows and international finance developments the impact of these on The Gambia.
  • Preparation of other analytical reports as requested by the Permanent Secretary or the Minister.

iii)   Technical Secretariat to the Aid and Debt Management Coordinating Committee (ADMCC).

  • Preparation of timely agenda, proposed outputs, and logistical arrangements for ADMCC.
  • Preparation and circulation of minutes and reports of the ADMCC meetings.
  • Notification of and ensuring that ADMCC meets on a regular basis with a high degree of participation by the members.



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