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The Honourable Minister of Finance and Economic Affairs, on Thursday May 26, 2016 signed with the International Development Association of the World Bank, the financing agreements for the Gambia Electricity Support Project in the amounts of SDR4,400,000.00 (four million, four hundred thousand Special Drawing Rights) equivalent to US$6,186,760.24 grant and SDR9,100,000.00 equivalent to US$12,795,345.03 loan. The Agreement was signed on behalf of the Minister by His Excellency Sheikh Omar Faye, Gambia's Ambassador to the United States while the Country Director for Gambia signed for the World Bank.

The project, to be implemented by NAWEC, will increase the availability and reliability of electricity supply for the existing customers through

1) Expansion of available generation capacity at Kotu and Brikama;

2) Reduction of technical and commercial losses in the Greater Banjul Area; and

3) Institutional strengthening and project implementation support

Honorable Minister of Finance and Economic Affairs Abdou Kolley and the Vice President of the African Development Bank (AfDB) signed a loan agreement amounting to UA6 million (estimated at US$8.42 million) for the financing of the Agricultural Value Chain Development Project in the Zambian Capital  -Lusaka on Monday 23 May 2016 at the start of the Annual Meeting  of the AfDB.

The project objectives are to increase on sustainable basis, the income of rural producers and entrepreneurs that are engaged in the production, storage and marketing of rice and livestock products. The components of the project are infrastructure development, development of rice and livestock value chains and project management.

The outcome indicators of the project are increased milled rice and livestock products in the intervention areas and increased income earned by value chain actors.



Honorable Minister of Finance and Economic Affairs Abdou Kolley and the President of the Islamic Development Bank (IDB), Dr. Ahmed Mohammed Ali signed a Reverse Linkage Technical Assistance Grant in the Indonesian Capital -Jakarta on Thursday 19 May 2016 during the 41st Annual Meeting  of the IDB.

The Technical Assistance grant aims to improve the medical and learning environment at the School of Medical and Allied Health Sciences (SMAHS) of the University of The Gambia (UTG) by increasing the number and developing the skills of academic medical staff as well as enhancing the medical teaching facilities. In addition, it will help to establish the necessary ICT infrastructure for better internal information sharing within the School of Medicine, Edward Francis Small Teaching Hospital (EFSTH) and external communications.

The project outcome will have an increased number of well-trained and well-equipped  medical staff and improved key teaching infrastructure in order to provide quality education to medical students.




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With increased administrative, commercial, port and domestic activities in Banjul and limited organizational and management capacity and needed infrastructure and facilities in Banjul City Council, the problem of waste management in the city, which is the capital of The Islamic Republic of the Gambia, West Africa, is getting more difficult and complicated. In response to this challenge, Banjul City Council which maintains a Cleansing Services Department has now proposed the Banjul City Waste Management Project (BCWMP). The objective of the project is to UPGRADE AND MODERNIZE THE WASTE MANAGEMEMT SYSTEM OF BANJUL.

This project will adopt a Public-Private-Partnership Approach, based on provisions and guidelines of the current policy framework for Public–Private-Partnerships (PPP) of the Gambia, at ( Under the procedures of this policy framework, Banjul City Council now wishes to invite Expressions of Interest (EoI) from reputed Gambian registered and also foreign companies/joint ventures (JV) currently active in the waste management industry. As a condition the EoI:

  1. Must be based on a partnership with Banjul City Council for a design-build-Operate-transfer system of waste management in the city of Banjul.

  2. Be presented based on prescribed provisions in the Gambia Public-Private-Partnership (PPP) Policy.

  3. Must include the company’s proposals for a modern waste management system in the City of Banjul.

  4. Must include a project proposal in the financing and management of an organizational system for appropriate infrastructure and operations in the efficient collection, processing, recycling and disposal of sewages and solid waste materials.


The scope of work envisaged in the planning, organization and management of the project structures and facilities is encapsulated in the following general terms of reference:

  1. Identification and establishment of a waste management Project for the city of Banjul based on the Gambia’s PPP Policy framework.

  2. Provision, and management of waste management facility/facilities

  3. Treatment and processing of city solid waste of total capacity of 100 Tons/day, employing biological treatment (mechanical composting) and recovery of recyclables using suitable technology to generate refuse derived fuel (RDF).

  4. Operation and management of the existing drainage and sewage system of the city, cleaning, protection and maintenance of the drains and employing biological treatment of liquid disposals and recovery of recyclables using appropriate technologies.

  5. Disposal of both processes, inert and liquid material in engineered sanitary conditions provided under existing rules in-force with the Gambia National Environment Agency and other relevant Gambian Authorities.

Private entities with experience of setting up and operating waste management facilities with a capacity of more than or equal to 100 tons of solid waste per day and 4000 cubic liters of city sewage per day can submit their EoI.

Applicants for EoI are requested to furnish the following details:


Detail Head

Provide details of the entity(s) which is/are submitting the Expression of Interest for the Project


Name of Company/Entity


Legal status (Company-public-private partnership, Limited Liability, Sole Proprietorship, etc)


Country of Incorporation


Date of Establishment of Entity in MM/DD/YY Format


Principal place of Business


Contact Details of Designated Representative




Phone N0/Email Address:


Firm’s capacity and number of years in this particular business


Describe the Technical and Management Structure of your Firm

Your Firm’s specific experience in conducting similar work in the past.

All EoIs should be submitted through the prescribed bidding procedures and regulations of the Gambia Public Procurement Authority. These are available for viewing at

Within one week of the closing date, a special taskforce will be convened in Banjul City Council to review applications received and short-list potential candidate firms for partnership with council. The shortlisted candidates will be invited to submit their Technical and Financial Proposals for the project based on the TOR above.

Requests for the Application Form for the EoI must be clearly marked “Expression of Interest in the Banjul City Waste Management Project”. The Form is available upon payment of a nonrefundable fee of GMD10,000.00 for Gambian registered companies and US$1000.00 for foreign registered companies. The application form must be submitted with relevant annexures not later than midday 30th June 2016, in a sealed envelope either by hand, email, courier or registered mail to the address below.

Office of the Chief Executive, Banjul City Council, Independence Drive, Banjul, P.O.Box 90, email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it , Telephone: +4227 600/+4224 170




Thursday, November 05, 2015
The Ministry of Finance and Economic Affairs (MOFEA) through its Project Coordinating Unit yesterday launched a US$3 million ADB-funded project at the Kairaba Beach Hotel.

The project is the third phase funded by the African Development Bank (ADB) mainly to finance the institutional support for economic and financial governance.

The main objective of the project is to promote inclusive growth and macroeconomic stability by enhancing financial governance through improved domestic resources mobilisation and a more effective financial management system.

The project is divided into three components: component 1 - enhancing domestic resources mobilization; component 2 - strengthening effectiveness in public financial macroeconomic, and component 3 - project management.

In his launching statement, Lamin Camara, deputy permanent secretary at the Ministry of Finance dwelt on the efforts of the African Development Bank in providing institutional support projects to The Gambia.

He said that under the first and second phases of the institutional support projects they had witnessed success in building capacity in fiscal and macroeconomic management, accounting, auditing and public scrutiny.

For the previous phases, with the complementary interventions of other partners, the government had realised achievements in its public financial management reforms agenda.

He added that significant successes have also been registered in increased performance in customs and domestic tax revenue collections, reduction of the backlogs of government un-audited accounts from about ten years to barely a year or two and the introduction of performance audits by the National Audit Office, as well as re-establishment of the function of the internal audit within government.

Notwithstanding these achievements, he noted, there is need for the consolidation of the gains through additional support, hence the new project.

According to DPS Camara, the ADB had provided UA2 million (equivalent to US$3million) to finance the institutional support for economic and financial governance.

The project would help strengthen public financial management in improved domestic revenue mobilisation to help in reducing the problem of fiscal imbalance, capacity building in public procurement, macro-fiscal management, budgeting, accounting, auditing, aid coordination and debt management, he stated.

It would also help in capacity strengthening of the finance and public accounts committee of the National Assembly for enhanced external scrutiny and enhanced capacity of the Gambia Institute of Chartered Accountants, he said.

He said the beneficiaries of the project are the Ministry of Finance and Economic Affairs and its satellite institutions such as the Gambia Revenue Authority, Gambia Public Procurement Authority, Women’s Bureau, Gambia Institute of Chartered Accountants, and National Audit and Public Accounts Committee of the National Assembly.

The key expected outcome of the project are improvement in domestic revenue mobilisation through the upgrading of the customs automated system, and enhancement of the quality and timeliness of report for public accounting and auditing institutions to meet international standards, increase accountability and more efficient use of public resources for poverty reduction.

On behalf of the Gambia government and the Ministry of Finance and Economic Affairs, Mr Camara expressed appreciation to the ADB for its support to the government’s public financial management efforts.

He implored on the project staff, beneficiaries and the bank to be dedicated and responsive to the project implementation needs.

The project would be managed and monitored by the Ministry of Finance and Economic Affairs, he said.

Author: Abdoulie Nyockeh
Source: Picture: Finance Minister Kolley

IMF Official Thumps Up Gambia Economy - As He Calls on President Jammeh

The IMF African Department Deputy Chief, David Dunn has said that the Gambian economy has done well in the last two years. He made this remark in an interview with journalists shortly after meeting the President, Sheikh Professor Alhaji Dr Yahya AJJ Jammeh on Wednesday at State House.

Mr Dunn said the world's economy has been suffering as everybody knows but the fortunate thing is that the Gambian economy is doing very well particularly in the agriculture sector. However, he said despite the fact that the country's tourism sector is weak, there is hope that it will revive for stronger economy.

Mr Dunn noted that the IMF does provide formal support but that this does not involve the tourism sector. He said they can enhance the country's balance of payment through the provision of hard currency to the Central Bank for the stability of the Dalasi.

The IMF official further disclosed that they had preliminary discussions on the economic policy of The Gambia and they had guide lines from His Excellency the President. He said the President's priorities are agriculture and infrastructure development.

Skye Bank Nigeria CEO's visit

The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Skye Bank P/C based in the Federal Republic of Nigeria, Kehinde Durosinmietti Wednesday paid a courtesy call on the Gambian leader at State House.

Speaking to reporters after having audience with President Jammeh, Mr. Durosinmietti said his discussion with the President centered on the newly established Skye Bank in The Gambia, which include their investment plans among others. He said they have plans to cooperate with the Government and the private sector, particularly in the area of investment.

He expressed the Bank's desire to bring to The Gambia the kind of successes they have enjoyed in other countries particularly in Nigeria. "We believe in boldly facing challenges while trying to safe-guard our interest as much as possible. All together we believe that we can do things slightly different from the approach of other banks," the Skye Bank boss stated.

He described President Jammeh as very warm and supportive.

By Alhagie Ceesay
Courtesy of Department of Information Services



IDB and Gambia Sign US$ 12 Million Murabaha Agreement
Tuesday, 08 March 2011

The Islamic Development Bank (IDB) and Gambia have signed a US$12 million murabaha agreement for the purchase of peanuts for the benefit of Gambia’s Peanuts Foundation.
The Agreement was signed by
Hon.Mambury Njie, Minister of Finance and Economic Affairs of Gambia, the IDB Governor for the Republic of Gambia, and Mr. Hani Sunbul, Deputy CEO of the International Islamic Trade Finance Corporation (ITFC).
It is worth mentioning that the IDB has contributed to the construction of more than 70% of the road network in Gambia as part of its efforts to alleviate poverty, unemployment, and promote economic and social development in member countries.






New Assembly building to finish in September 2011

The project manager of the new National Assembly building being constructed has said that September 2011 is the target date for the completion of the Assembly building.

Sababathi, the project manager, an Indian from Shpoorji Pallonji and Company Limited informed that the foundation of the main building is completed and that they are erecting the building proper. Mr Sababathi disclosed this in an interview with this reporter at his office in Banjul.

Located opposite the main gate of the Gambia Senior Secondary School, the new Assembly complex is expected to provide office space of 84 to 85 members of parliament and an audience capacity of 100. He said the building can last for 200 years if properly taken care of.

The building, he went to explain will have many apartments such as the ones for the ruling party members, member of the parliament, speakers, security, officers other workers.

He finally thanked the Government, the public, the engineers and other partners for their cooperation.

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