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The Gambia IFMIS Project has involved various activities, including installation and implementation, through training and provision of preventive and remedial maintenance, of a computerized, integrated financial management system based on a turnkey approach. It has comprised of the acquisition of an IFMIS Package with appropriate hardware, supportive software including operating systems, databases and communication accessories to be implemented in all Government Ministries and Agencies. The Ministries and Agencies are connected through Local Area and Wide Area Networks.

The implementation of the IFMIS therefore provides the foundation on which GOTG is able to improve the public expenditure management processes. In consideration of the complexity involved in implementing Public Financial Management reforms and in order to guarantee a successful implementation, the Gambia IFMIS Project has been structured into two phases.  To date, the Government has implemented Phase 1 which achieved a Go-Live date of 3rd January 2007 following the implementation of the Epicor software (ERP) suite comprising of the following modules:

1.      Payables

2.      Receivables

3.      Procurement

4.      Cash Management

5.      Budgeting

6.      General Ledger

In addition to the above Epicor modules, Phase 1 also included the implementation of the Nas.Net software HR and Payroll module.

The implementation of Phase I of the IFMIS covered the following six sites:

1.  Ministry of Finance and Economic Affairs  Undertakes core functions on the system

2.  Directorate of National Treasury – Undertakes core functions on the system

3.  Ministry of Education - Included due to size of labour force and readiness for automation of processes

4.  Gambia Revenue Authority – Included to ease the online sharing of revenue data with Treasury via the use of a uniform chart of accounts

5.  Personnel Management Office – Included in order to spearhead the HR & Payroll implementation

6.  The National Audit Office- Included to ease the office’s IFMIS Quality Assurance role & auditing skills.

Currently, the Government is in the process of consolidating the success of Phase 1 by making preparations for the implementation of Phase II of the IFMIS implementation which will include:

1.  Rolling out the IFMIS to the remaining 21 Ministries;

2.  Implementation of the following HR modules:

a.  Recruitment Management

b.  Training Administration

c.  Performance Appraisal Management (competency based)

3.  Upgrade to a web-enabled Epicor version that would enable system access by Embassies and Sub-Treasuries;


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